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BARF - Bay Area Riders Forum

BARF Personalities
Learn things you never knew about the different people involved in the Bay Area motorcycling community! The list of people to interview is long, so watch for this section to grow rapidly!
Lance Keigwin
Snjezana interviews Lance Keigwin, of Keigwins@theTrack, Hare Racing, and Star School fame.

Doug Kamholz
Aella interviews Doug Kamholz, CHP officer, and the mythical 'R1 Cop'

Jim Doyle
Aella interviews Jim Doyle, King Kenny Roberts' race manager

Mike 'MrCrash 907' Solis
Snjezana interviews former CCS racer, AFM junkie, City Bike journalist extraordinaire - Mike Solis

Charlie Rauseo
Budman interviews Charlie and Dave Rauseo in preparation for the 27th running of the Paris Barcelona-Dakar rally!

A three-part narrative of a 3-day riding adventure in Hawaii with some excellent photos!

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