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Motorcycle Theft Database

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The Motorcycle Theft Database is a repository in which stolen motorcycles/scooters can be listed for the maximum possible exposure. At the time of this writing it is exclusive to Bay Area Riders Forum, but it will soon be accessible from any website wishing to cooperate in the effort to turn the tables on the criminals guilty of perpetrating these crimes on our community.

Please include as many details as you can; the more detailed you are the greater the odds of recovery. Suggestions for additional fields can be sent to I will incorporate them as quickly as possible into the software.

This is only the starting point, but the urgency of putting something online outweighs waiting for it to be perfect the first time.

If you are interested in either linking to this page on your own website or (better yet) creating your own front-end to the database, maximizing exposure throughout the Bay Area, please email me.

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