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Can you see me?
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Thank You BARF! (An era I won't forget)

I have decided to sell my motorcycle and would like to take a moment to say thank you to the BARF community for helping me on my motorcycle journey.

I am moving into another era of my life now. This new era may look similar to the time of my life before I was riding except for one major difference, I have been riding for the past year and there is no way to take that out of me now.

This past year has taught me a lot. I learned how to confidently handle a motorcycle but the experience was much greater than that. I learned about community and generosity. I experienced the thrill of roads from a new perspective. I saw amazing new places. I felt empowered by large group rides and inspired by solo mountain rides. I felt like I was never alone when stopped by the side of the road as random bikes slowed and gestured to make sure I was OK. I was definitely OK. It was great.

I won't risk missing somebody by naming names here but so many BARFers helped me more than I could have ever expected or imagined. My first ride into the twisty mountain roads I was escorted by one experienced BARFer so I would make it out OK. A bit over my head in a faster group ride early on the lead BARFer was aware enough to drop out of the fast group and wait at a particularly nasty corner to make sure I navigated it successfully. I was walked through step by step on how to change my own oil by a BARFer. My very first practice sessions in a parking lot were with a BARFer that I have ridden with ever since. Many others have given me advice, good conversation, fun rides and a sense of community that I had no idea was going to be a part of the joy of riding.

My life is better for having spent a year riding and I am grateful to know that if I don't end up back on a bike at least I have this year to reflect on and make me smile. When I am old and rocking in my chair somewhere thinking "Yeah, I had a good life", my year of riding will be prominent on the list of reasons why.

The time has come but getting here was fun. Thank you BARF!

You probably don't know me so I am not looking for any teary goodbyes.

I will still be around for a while so this is not my "signing off for the last time" thread but it is my "official decision to move on" and "official thank you" thread. I need to post my ad for my bike and the motorcycle picture game is still going on (I better win a couple more challenges if I want to end up in the top ten) and it depends on how quickly my bike sells. But as things go my participation will likely drift off and I wanted to get this out before that happens.

I don't know what my future holds as far as riding goes but I am not worried. I may hold onto my gear or decide it should go to better use than sitting in my closet. It is weird timing to sell the bike and make this move but I like to go with what feels right when it feels right and it just happens to be now. That same feeling is what got me into riding in the first place and it did not lead me astray.

So, there is really only one thing left to post on this thread. It is something that I have never posted since being here that I can remember but I feel it must be done and now is the time...

********************** **********************
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Good luck! May you some day return to riding again
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Never met ya, but after that write-up, I hope to see you down the road
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Originally Posted by Burning1 View Post
But ducky, massive government subsidized projects to rebuild our failing road infrastructure is socialism!
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sorry to hear about your decision to move on, but of course you can also come back when YOU feel its time to get another bike in the future.I'd just hoped you decision wasn't based on a close call(s) while riding....
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Of course I gotta say: "Why you leaving us??!"
I hope your path is a good one through it all
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It's like that.
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Originally Posted by atoyf View Post
DMV test is not there to teach or prove you can ride the bike, it is there to prove that you can control the bike.
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Be Here Now
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You responded to my newbie thread on BARF, and my avatar still reflects our "inside joke" about safety vests from that first thread. I'm sad that we never got a chance to meet and ride together before you decided to embark on this new chapter in your life. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that you find your way back to riding some day. But if you don't, before you go, I want say thanks for welcoming me here and for giving me some good laughs that day.

Also, can I haz your DRZ?

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Ya don't see a post like this every day.

Anyway, good luck!
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So! after you sell your bike....hmmpp i give you couple of months you make change your mind.anyway good luck for your next adventure
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Pink Freud
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Good luck on your new journey
This segment was brought to you by the letter A
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Why, after one year, did you decide motorcycling isn't something you want to do?

Answering that question, or not, is your choice, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's curious.
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Originally Posted by i_am_the_koi View Post
Is she hawt?
I hadda wonder...
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Originally Posted by easilyi View Post

Thank you BARF!
np bro
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