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Canada 07 Pics & Trip Log

This year’s multi week ride took four of us to the Northern boarder. Our plan was to keep the route open so we could discover fresh pavement and ride around weather. It was a good plan considering we were dodging two big low-pressure systems dumping record amounts of rain all around us. We managed to stay relatively dry but the first seven days saw us wearing our wet weather gear more often than not. I kept thinking about Donny’s comments from last years ride. He said he rode up north once and was rained on every day.
I was hoping for better.
Here’s the route we took incase you would like to do something like this yourselves:

Day 1:
Hwy 1 up the Cal coast. Through the great road to Leggit. This is still my all time favorite road. Then 101 to 299 east. We stopped outside Willow Creek for the night. The River Inn B&B.

Day 2:
299 west to 96 north. In Happy Camp there is a road that heads north to 199. It crosses a nice mountain range and dumps you in Oregon. Not far from Cave Junction. In Cave Junction I was talking to a guy who was riding a sport bike and asking about the roads. He suggested a very nice loop. At first we thought he sent us on a wild goose chase. But when we found the sweet spot (Hwy 227) it was pure asphalt nirvana. 199 to 234 to 227 to I5. We headed north to Roseburg for the night so we could pick up 138 in the morn.

Day 3;
Hwy 138 over the Cascades to 97. A ok road with the longest straight heading down to 97.
97 sux azz. It’s a road you use because there are no other roads. In Bend we stopped for a wardrobe malfunction and continued up 97 to Hwy 20. This led us to a great road through the lava flows. Hwy 242. We made it about half way over the Mountains and came to a road closed sign. We made it around the sign just incase there was a way through but ran into a huge landslide even the Husky would have trouble with. Back towards Sisters for the night.

Day 4:
The rain was falling hard towards the coast so we headed out of Sisters and went up 97 toward Mt. Hood. We took 97 to 26 to 35. 35 is a great road that skirts the side of Mt Hood and drops you into the Columbia River Gorge. We had lunch in one of my favorite towns, Hood River. After lunch we crossed into Washington and headed west to connect up with a small road that runs along Mt. St. Helens. You catch the road just outside of Carson. That road hooks up with NF 25. Then to 131 to 12. We wandered through the forest and ended up in Packwood.

Day 5:
Still in Washington! Dam, this is a long ride! So we decided to make it even longer with a loop up to Mt. Rainer. There’s a small road out of Packwood that leads up to Paradise. Paradise is a staging are for the accent of the mountain. There is a lodge being built there also. It was a goat road and beat. It did offer some incredible views. It ended up on 123 which we took to 12 the back to 97. We made it as far as Omak. We had another 70 miles or so to reach the boarder.

Day 6:
Today Jeff decided to head back. It was taking more time than we thought and the weather was not cooperating.
That left three of us to head toward Whistler. We took 97 over the boarder through Osoyoos and on to 3. from 3 we hooked up to 5a. This was the best road I have been on in Canada. It went from Princeton to Merrit. We were given a heads up from a couple riders that it was a sweet one. Let’s just say you could go as fast as you felt comfortable with for 60 or 70 miles. Then onto 8 up to Spences Bridge. We found a Motel that had it’s water cut off at 6:30 am for repair. Fun.

Day 7:
On to Whistler.
1 to 12 to 99. Whistler was interesting but I have no need to return. Maybe if you fly there.

Day 8:
Hwy 99 was under construction the full length to Horseshoe Bay. About 70 miles. It took almost 2 hours.
We rode the ferry over to Nanaimo and headed for the Pacific coast. Hwy 1 to 4. We ended up in Ucluelet. The rain is starting to stop. Good times.
The roads along the coast are nothing like the cali roads. They built them off the shore and you don’t see the coast. You’re basically on a tree lined road seeing trees. More trees.

Day 9:
We went to take a look at Tofino. Another place I’d fly to ;-).
We backtracked to Nanaimo then on to Victoria. What a beautiful city. I would have liked to spent a couple of days there. We caught the last ferry to Port Angels and found a motel for the night.

Day 10:
We headed out on 101 west to Cresent Lake for breakfast. Oh, did I mention I was riding on a blown rear shock. One of the roads leading to Ucluelet was so rough it took out my shock. Penske to the rescue. We did a loop out to La Push on 110. We headed a bit south and went into the Rain Forest. Very nice and relaxing. Did I mention I was on a blown shock? Pot holes are a bitch with no control over compression or rebound. Pogo bike!
Further south on 101 we found a place to stay on the shores of Lake Quinalt. Very nice.
I had my stock shock sent to Jim buddy’s house who lives in Oregon. I’m glad I hung onto it when I replaced it with the Penske.

Day 11:
101 south to Yachats. Repair the Trumpet. Thanks Mark for the use of your garage!

Day 12:
We hooked up with Eric. We decided to hang along the coast for the rest of the trip. It was a good call. It was clear all the way down.
We went to the Lost Coast via Ferndale on 211. I was beat by the end of the day. The road was in pretty bad shape. But the ride was worth the abuse. There was nobody out there and the scenery was great. We stopped in Garberville for the last night and found the worst hotel known to man. But they had room.

Day 13:
101 to 1 to Pt. Ryes/Nicasio to Lucas Valley to 101. Home. They best day of the ride! Great weather, Great roads.

My over all impression of this trip was mixed. As usual my riding comrades were a pleasure to spend time with. The new finds in great pavement are a bonus. The weather was a real damper on my shooting any pics in the first couple days. Once we were in good weather and running along the coast we ran into a lot of congestion and strip malls.
I would not do this ride again. Even in great weather. There was just too much traffic.
I will head east next year (Yellowstone) or go into the southwest.

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.More pics
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Thanks for sharing, Danny!
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WOW, those pics are really nice. Looks like you had an awsome trip.
"We are motorcycle people; we walk tall and we laugh at whatever's funny. We shit on the chests of the Weird" - Hunter S. Thompson
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Sergeant Jackrum
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Re: Canada 07 Pics & Trip Log

WA can be a beeyoch for traffic around the lovely areas. But they're still lovely - the landscapes on the western side and on the peninsula are unequalled anywhere else I have been so far, IMO.

Great pics! I like how you captured the patterns of clouds.

Originally posted by DMcTriumph
Paradise is a staging are for the accent of the mountain.
This being the PacNW, it says 'eh' after every sentence.
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Nemo Brinker
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Beautiful pics, thanks for the writeup. I've been thinking of taking a trip similar to yours next year, but in a big loop from BC out to Montana.

I actually did the route east to Yellowstone in the last couple of weeks; came out via southern Utah (YESSSSS!) and up through CO and Montana to Missoula, then back. Good stuff, some rough weather and fire dodging, but altogether a very rewarding 13 days.
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What a great picture!

Originally posted by DMcTriumph

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Thanks Push!
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Live Aloha
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Originally posted by DMcTriumph

Awesome capture!!
Wat. Baddah you?

, rice, and eggs!
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wow, that is such a beautiful picture ^^^
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