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Name: John

Pretty cool story behind this old racing machine.
Hear it run... very rare.

This is the last part of a series from Wheels Through Time.
Check out some of the others on the sidebar at Youtube. Look for Wheels Through Time
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It didn’t look that far on the map.
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Love it!
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Name: Ryan
I love early board track bikes. Never have seen the base cylinder porting before. That's pretty crazy.
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Name: Budman
That was cool... more from those guys to be had.

Thanks John.
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Name: Steve
If you are ever within even a few hundred miles of Dale's Wheels Through Time Museum, find a way to visit. I spent a morning there with my brother-in-law Joe during ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway several years ago. The bikes and displays are fantastic including a bunch of Flat Track racing bikes, leathers and equipment on the second floor.

Dale Walksler was way more animated in person than he was on that cable TV show. He kept firing up bikes for us and explaining every little detail. Later he would ride this 1922 Crocker around the Museum and do these long burnouts through the narrow walk ways. He asked about Joe's BMW R1150GS and then absolutely insisted that my Joe ride one the rare horizontally-opposed Harleys produced for the U.S. Army during WWII. He hauled the bike outside and Joe got to ride it for a few minutes around the museum grounds. We had a blast there and were laughing about Walksler for days.

I need to go back there.
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