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Roads to happiness

Wednesday's clear skies and cool weather told me I needed to take a nice ride, so who was I to question such wisdom? I put together a nice 130 mile loop with a bit of everything: twisty two lane, county farm roads, a remote gravel mountain path, and deserted funky pavement, all featuring great scenery.

Google link to route map

My route

I headed downhill from home feeling the familiar tingle of anticipation...

...then up Pleasants Valley Road and past a very tranquil Lake Solano.

Back roads north of Winters took me past farm fields prepped for fall planting.

Riding Hwy 16 up Capay Valley I entered Cache Creek Canyon...

...then soon turned off on deserted and abandoned Yolo County Road 40 aka Reiff Road which starts off with a creek crossing on an ancient condemned bridge, only passable during times of low water.

Then the real fun began, thirteen miles of rugged trail snaking up and over two ridges. I didn't encounter another soul the whole way. Here is starting uphill after the creek crossing-

The views just kept getting better the higher I got.

Almost to the first summit I stopped for water and a snack while soaking up the sound of............pure silence.

Heading downhill I could see Davis Creek Reservoir in the distance and the steep path that would take me down to it.

After lots of switchbacks the road levels out near the reservoir-

Climbing up to the second ridge top brought more steep switchbacks...

...and bleak fire damage from two years ago.

Finally I dropped down to the end of Reiff Rd. and turned left on Morgan Valley Rd.

continued next post....


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