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General Menace
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BARF Riding during Covid Tips

Hello BARF Community.

The SIP has been helping greatly and things are going in the right direction in most of California.

Here are some tips do consider for your journeys.

Remember if you are from the SIP Counties then "US" bringing it to "THEM" is a big consideration. If you are not feeling 100% etc. etc.. consider NOT taking your germs to Counties where they have few if any cases.

TIPS to consider
• Exposure in general (just getting gas or food) may bring the virus home to those that you love.
• Limit your exposure by maintaining social distancing.
• Carry wipes or sanitizer with you so you can sanitize your hands after getting gas or grabbing food. Sanitizer should be left on your hands for 30 seconds minimum and WASHING YOUR HANDS is the better option.

Remember the Rona may survive on plastic, metal or ever paper that your sammich is wrapped with, the cup you are drinking out of etc. You can carry gloves to put on to minimize that (disposing after use and don't touch your face!)

• Carry a mask to put on when going to order food and if you want to be more careful call to order and just swoop in and pay. Remember Cash or credit cards can be carriers to treat everything you touch like it could get ya.
• Sanitize your hands before eating and again after eating.
• I packed a lunch to avoid having to buy food. Either bring a mask to put on our you can just leave your shield down to do the transaction. You can all to order by phone to limit time in the restaurant. Ask how much it is so you can provide the proper cash including a generous tip if you can. That way you hand over money and take no change.
• Many locations are going to have their restroom closed. That means bringing what you need and be prepared to use it in some obscure place. Please be respectful of others when doing your business.
• If you are doing an over nighter we suggest you get your own motel room. Bring wipes to clean surfaces like remotes, door handles, etc. After stowing your gear wipe down all of the above and wash your hands.

Thanks for reading.
Stay healthy for yourself, family and society.
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Last I checked, Sonoma doesn't allow non-county residents to rent a room, and Mendocino doesn't allow people from farther than 50 miles.
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Name: Geoff
Budman has been the voice of reason through all this. Your thoughtful approach is much appreciated.
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I'm remined here, of a recent blog post by the PolicyLab at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, on the effect of how that virus is now traveling the highways:

During the shelter-in-place phase of the epidemic, outbreaks were mostly confined to metropolitan areas. However, as states have reopened, we see risk aligning between adjacent metro areas, particularly as we follow our four-week forecasts week-to-week. Given that, we had observed significant impacts from increased travel and activity on Memorial Day weekend in locations that were already experiencing higher disease burden. For example, Galveston has felt the impacts of people traveling in from Houston to go to the beach. The forecasts we released today reveal that cases are also rapidly increasing along the popular South Carolina coast, and, as mentioned earlier, risk for resurgence has spread rapidly along the coastal I-95 corridor of Florida. On the West Coast, we had been following for several weeks the outbreaks in the Imperial and Inland Empire areas of southern California. Over the last two weeks, our forecasts have shown that that risk appears be spreading south to north along the I-5 corridor in the Central Valley.

While there are no empiric studies that can detect if travelers are seeding these outbreaks, the regional spread we have observed over time suggests a migration effect along commuting corridors. In California, our understanding is that nursing home outbreaks have grown quickly throughout the Central Valley. To some degree, insufficient protection of nursing homes has quickly intensified these outbreaks, but they were likely seeded by staff or family members who were exposed in their communities. To the degree that travelers and community members were not vigilant enough with masking in indoor locations, like grocery stores, the risk of exposure and spread likely increased.
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