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Originally Posted by Tom G View Post
Wouldn't you be able to see that in the installed state? Or are the brakes somehow hidden under some covers? I realize as we get older our eyes don't get better.
I havent taken brakes apart as I dont want to f it up any more than they are. And I kept waiting, trusting that as kc engineering told me they installed them correctly the 2nd time and the screech would eventually go away. Well, i would think it should definitely have become quiet by now.

Photos of the brakes as they installed them - they put a cover over them.

I emailed them a few days ago stating they still screech and mentiojed as I did originally after they installed them that I'm worried they may be damaging the rotors- other parts of bike. And I'd like them to pay for getting them fixed correctly likely somewhere else. But I've not yet heard back from them.
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Location: Marin, Ca.
Motorcycles: 2001 Suzuki Bandit 600
Update is KC Engineering still has not returned my messages I left about the Bandit brakes they installed that fell off right after and they reinstalled but have been intermittently often screeching horribly loudly when applying them. Even though they told me after the 2nd time they put the rear brakes in that they would screech for a little while after until they settle in, its now been many months of frequent screeching and still so now so loud its repulsive to even apply the rear brakes.

Still crickets from them about remedying this correctly.

I made a brief video from today of moments of applying rear brakes and the squealing. Its actually quieter than normally would be because the sound is so obnoxious i only apply rear brakes lightly and often end up not using the rear brake at all because of the noise.


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I have tried a mis match between rotors and brake pads with my Fat Boy.
The rotor was a special blend of stainless that polishes well to look like chrome, but absolutely hated the pads, nothing bit, just rode on top and squealed. A cheap custom bike part not intended for daily use it seems. Bought it from the HD shops bargain bin.
New rotor fixed it.
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