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Hahahahahahahahahaha! I'm laughing so hard! When I read your post after the race weekend, I thought "it cannot be!".

That was me catcalling ya from near the reg building "Oh Gawd...The HORROR! That Poor stand is crying"! You made our days for sure on a day where times were slow and finding a setup was elusive.

Hope your weekend went well. Owen's a great mentor and guy. You're lucky to have him. The AFM is lucky to have him (and you).
Hopefully we'll meet at the next round. And next time, no stand dragging. You're not an NC, you're a bonafide racer. We can't let those Wisconsin boys who come down think we have no respect for our rear stands!

Thanks for riding with the AFM. The Ribbing is to deflect from all of my flaws!
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