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Motorcycles: 2003 GSX-R600
Name: Mickey
2003 Suzuki GSX-R600

Got this bike from my boy. He went down with it somewhere around 2015 and its sat in the garage ever since. Plans are to bring it back up to safe riding conditions just to ride around town.

So far I've replaced a broken/missing shifter and new battery. Bike starts and idles fine even with 6 year old gas .

up next is rebuild the front end.
-Lower Triple is on its way. i'm gonna attempt to straighten the upper clamp
-Tapered bearings
-Fork seals and possibly replace the springs for my weight.
-oil change for steering damper at minimum. possible rebuild





2003 GSX-R600

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Motorcycles: Some fast ones and some dirty ones.
Name: Derp
I love those bikes (user name, big surprise )
This will be a fun thread to follow.
Luck is the residue of desire.

You must be fast because I was hauling ass when I passed you.

Rich Cox
I miss you Rich.
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Name: Steve
I'd suspect your forks are bent. If it could bend the lower triple it most likely bent the forks. The front wheel shouldn't be jammed into the radiator like that. Also, take a REALLY good look at the frame near the headstock. Very common to have bends or cracks there.

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