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The $900 Tune up estimate is a trap right now. Just be good with having the rear brakes sorted out.
Tune up right now? Add an injector/carb gas treatment this one time. The Sparkplugs will get cleaned, Carbs at peak performance and general fuel system cleaning.
Clean & lube Chain is a task the Rider should do. Bandit makes the job much easier using the Center Stand.
Using spray WD40 as a cleaner. Let dry and spray on your favorite chain lube.

You'll know by seeing how much Pad is left to determine if it needs replacement. If it does wait for a tire change to include new pads. Just pads not rotor or brake rebuild kit.

Sparkplugs are easy to access on a Naked bike. Careful the plugs are lightly tightened down. Same with the Oil drain plug, tight enough to hold it in place and no more. Check videos how it is explained.
Air filter and box clean is accessed by lifting the Tank. Tank is on a hinge, just one bolt holding it down. Check videos it is easy to do.

The estimate lists a Valve Adjustment. It is the major use of time in the Labor estimate.
Trap is the "Check and Replace if needed" in the estimate. These will increase the final bill amount by a lot.
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