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Originally Posted by SuperMike View Post
I wish I could edit posts. Or maybe I should quit trying to post from my phone.
Ermaghad soooo cute.

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Kyle, I'm sorry for your loss. Been there, done that, it hurts.

Best wishes from all of us.
Peter K
San Leandro, CA
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Originally Posted by KWeezyXB12 View Post
Attachment 464472
This weekend on saturday My world came crashing down. I lost my best friend petey was my rock, he was the glue keeping my life together in the stressful times. I am truly lost without him. Besides my son hes the best thing that has ever happened to me and he was taken from us so quickly. He was just a baby, Petey was 2 1/2 he was so full of love and could never give enough of it to everyone he came into contact with. he loved us unconditionally. I would sell my soul to have you back in our lives. I miss your love, your kisses, your smell, i will never forget you. We love you petey, ill see you again one day.......
What a great little guy.
You'll see Petes again, Kyle. I know you will. And he would only want to see you smiling and know that you are only thinking happy thoughts of him. Seeing you sad would name him sad, so think of the good times and his little smiling face until you see him again.
And now I am crying.
Damned if I do, bored if I don't.
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Miss you my little man MiniMax, bff
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This two are inseparable
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A couple of mine...

That's a Cal King he's sleeping on...

Not quite sure what to make of a donkey...
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Originally Posted by Cable View Post
Not sure which one is bigger...
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Penny enjoying her 1st backpacking trip with the fam. desolation wilderness.
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Max is 11 months old... why can't they stay puppies longer??

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This is Rebel, 4 year old Beagle. My best friend/hiking/running buddy I could ask for.
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Off-topic, but the dog sitter for our 3 dogs just fell through. If you know a reliable dog lover in the Walnut Creek/Danville area, please PM me.
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Originally Posted by ucmgrad View Post
This is Rebel, 4 year old Beagle.
Aww, what a good-looking dog!

Latte is bored of the view at the top of Sign Hill.

Making friends at Fort Funston.

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side way dog!
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Originally Posted by littlebeast View Post
no. nothing against strippers. just have never completely trusted anyone in sales and marketing.
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