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Would you like to contribute something to the Gone But Not Forgotten Forum?

BARF is proud to provide a place to honor our fallen members and other bay area motorcyclist who touched many of our members' lives and our passion for the ride.

As a motorcyclist I think we all live on a little higher plain than most everyday folks. We have found that riding on two wheels enhances our lives. The good vibes of really feeling alive lives in moto people.

Those good vibes are shared among us through BARF, but mostly in face to face interactions where we can feel the life flowing out of us.

Some of the people memorialized below lost their lives on motorcycles, others did not, but they all had an impact on our community in one way or another. Each shared our passion for the ride, life, and love. The families and friends left behind were no doubt the ones most impacted by the loss, but we all have a common bond. You find that shown by a wave as we ride by each other or the smiles and excitement of just talking about our experiences.

I hope that these riders' memories will live on through BARF, as I know they live on through those that loved them.

This forum will not allow posting, but we will include links to their stories.

If you would like to add something to this forum please send either me, (Budman), Silversvs, or Enchanter a PM about it. We will add tribute postings as we think appropriate to the closed threads below.

I wish you all many good times with family and friends and safe travels in life.

Share the love often with those close to you and take a moment to think about the new friends made here, or on the road, and those we have lost.

You honor life by doing so.


We would like each post to have a quote from a friend or family member similar to what Connie gave us for Jim Perry. If you would like to provide that information please contact me, Budman, or Enchantervia PM or email.

Creating this section for BARF was an eye opener. We just turned ten years old as a forum, and in that time have we've lost 42 members. Hopefully this forum will provide our membership a place to reflect on those we have lost, and a place to realize that life is short and should be " lived" everyday. Hug your loved ones, tell them how you feel, and don't let the daily stresses get in the way of enjoying your every step and every ride.


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