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Rest In Peace
We will never forget
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Bill Lockwood aka Rydther/B12Bill

Bill Lockwood aka Rydther/B12Bill
Passed away on 4/21/08

A great guy, hella cool, a very nice and friendly guy, one of the nicest people on BARF, patient, kind, a really nice guy, always there to listen, always there to help, one of those guys you felt like you've known for ever even if you just met him, a genuine guy, friendly, listened when you spoke, remembered what you said, one of the nicest most helpful people I've ever met, humble, with a dry, wry sense of humor, one of the good ones, a knowledgeable guy, willing to lend a hand, a genuinely wonderful man, a great guy to ride with, and hang out and chat with, the kind of guy you know will always be around when he's needed, a big man, with an even bigger heart, who touched the lives of many of us, Bill made motorcycles cool, a mainstay of the BARF community, a great roommate, a great, close friend...

Memorial Photos
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