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A couple things for noise: look into getting custom moulded earplugs. They are a total game changer and don't come loose when you put your helmet on.

I noticed my RF1100 got a LOT quieter and had less buffetting when I tilted it down more. Try pulling the chin piece down farther so you're looking out more from the top of the shield. Also use the inserts on the bottom to block wind from coming in.
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Update: been riding a lot on the highways and definitely have gotten a lot more comfortable. 85 mph does not bother me at all now.

Going to look into custom molded earplugs - thank you for the tips!

I'd love to dip my neck below the windscreen but that feels pretty uncomfortable for me at 6' on a tiny ninja...maybe I need to stretch more
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Old 06-18-2020, 04:39 PM   #18

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I am impressed. I am a returning rider and have been riding locally and doing parking lot sessions aboutmonce a week. With some trepidation, I hopped on 101 today. It went fine and I enjoyed it but I was not going fast. I checked a few times and it seemed I was naturally going the posted speed limit which was slower than a lot of the cars around me but hopefully not a hazard. I am not interested in being. Speed demon but would like to get more comfortable going faster for the sake of safety and fun. Planning on an intermediate rider course when they start up again.
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Wind free
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Voltzz, think about slowing down. Because CHP will give you a speeding ticket, one expensive speeding ticket. Eighty or less, maybe not.

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Well, 85 on Ninja 400 speedo (like most others) is optimistic. It's actually closer to 76mph. Nothing to worry about.

Freeway riding is actually easier, don't let speed be an indicator of anything. Most dangerous places are actually on city streets where you have to deal with much larger variations in speed and cross-traffic. Don't get complacent just because you're not going fast.

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Yeah I'm not trying to speed, just matching traffic on lane 1. You have to really hit it to beat sparse traffic on a N400 ��
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