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3 Fawns and then a big dog

This happened today in the California Foothills.

I was riding West on Omo Ranch Road down from where it meets Highway 88 (Carson Pass Highway). It is a very tight 2 lane country road with a few houses here and there, and hills and valleys. Most of the way, I was riding around 35 mph, sometimes more and sometimes less.

Ahead of me on the shoulder of the East bound lane, I saw 3 fawns running in the same direction I was riding. I turned on my emergency flashers, and slowed to about 15 mph. They cut into the forest as I approached.

I got ready to accelerate, and a large dog came at me from the side of the road I was on. I maybe swerved 6 to 12 inches, and the dog missed me. I do not know if it was running after me or the deer, but it turned back around to wherever it came from.

Lucky miss.

P.S. The dog came directly at my side. He was not in front of me.

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