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High temp in cool weather

Usaully during this time of the year my bike hovers around 170-180 at a stop light. I've been riding the past few days and noticed that it's now shooting up really fast after I get off the freeway....up to 200 f+ ...I also noticed that it's reving a lot higher, around 2000rpm which is unusual. I've checked the fluids and they all look good (Just got a tune up 180 miles ago and they changed and flushed everything). What could it be? Also, how can I lower the rev?

My spedo lights lights are flickering as well so I checked the battery leads and they're all tight. Could it be rain in the connections or something else?
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It may be normal for your temp to shoot up a little bit since your radiator is very efficent at highway speeds and the thermostat doesn't need to be open very far, but when you stop, the thermostat has to react pretty fast to the temp to allow the bike to cool without the benefit of air flow through the radiator. Initially I would say the thermostat needs to be replaced, but the electrical gremlins may indicate that your fan is not turning on soon enough... but then again my fan does'nt kick until 220f. Idle may be a result of the tune up, either the throttle is too tight or their is a screw on the carb that adjusts idle speed.
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