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Originally Posted by Cincinnatus View Post
Know what I want, what I really, really want??

Video of the run from the M10/M3 intersection down that M3 hell-ride.

That was a nasty, gnarly section that came REALLY close to the WITFH (What In The Freaking H@ll) am I doing here? Fresh huge rocks in the road, fresh-cut tree-trunks coming way over into the road, branches whacking MY FACE (ok, should have had the faceshield down, but still...)...

Very steep downhill with the above "features", and gullies, and water, and wet grass, and rocks... And did almost all of it sitting down on the seat.

Yeah, I want video.
You can have a do-over in September! And @sfmcjohn, I want to join you on a sunrise/sunset ride next time. The pictures look amazing!
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