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Work In Progress
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Originally Posted by Enchanter View Post
Holy crap! Where were you when you hit it? Need anything?
1 south. Real close to Larkin Valley Exit. 5 goddamn minutes from home.

I Rode to Palm Springs on Saturday and was coming back Sunday. It was about midnight. It was a bold decision to try and pull off that ride. I can't believe I got nuked so close to home.

Shout out to the CHP who gave me a ride home and the motorist who stopped and called it in. Im at work. When I get home i'll see if I can find the CHP's name. Good guy. Loved bikes and rode too. He was eager to try out for the moto unit.

I think I have the help I need to fetch the bike carcas from the tow yard later today but, thank you Tim. I'll keep you posted.

Buy quality gear and wear it. Don't forget to pay the subscriptions! I'll post up some more pics later.

We all lead by example, even when we don't think we are...
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The Temptations of Christ
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Damn man...that time of year I guess - spotted two adolescent males RIGHT on Black Road...barely gave our car a second look as they nibbled on grass on the shoulder. No fear at all. Glad you’re safe and sound, sorry about your bike.
"Mgrush Fernran Grrable Mrgsush" - RRITTERSON

"I don't think anyone should ever take my advice." - KILLAKEYES
Witty comment. [citation needed]
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Optimistic Underdog
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Wow Mike.
Jeezis, that looks like it was a big hit.
Like the rest of us, I'm really glad you're okay.
Luck is the residue of desire.

You must be fast because I was hauling ass when I passed you.

Rich Cox
I miss you Rich.

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This space for rent.
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Sounds like you have it covered, but I have a Kendon trailer you can use to pick your bike up if you need. I'm a couple of exits up 1 on Freedom.
Scott 818 zerotreesix5
It's the bikes job to listen to you. It's your job to speak as softly as possible to it.

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only ones and zeroes
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My neighbor ran into a deer up by Tilden on his BMW 1200GS a few years ago. Bike totaled and he was pretty banged up and bruised.

Glad you're okay, those deer are a fucking hazard on hooves!
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Old 05-17-2021, 07:28 PM   #21
panty sniffer
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Crazy,deer burgers for a year
Lick my shamrock
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General Menace
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Oh shit!!

Glad you are good Mike. Thank goodness.

Damn canyon rats.
Your friendly neighborhood.... Budman
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Slow Goat
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Glad you're okay! Sorry about the bike but shopping is always fun.
You canít facilitate luck if you donít take the chance.
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Hope youíre good
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Yeesh. Bastards, I figure this or an unseen patch of gravel in a corner are the two likeliest scenarios for a crash for me.
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Lets go fishing!
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Glad you are OK and sorry to hear about the bike. Normally, they don't spook so easily due to traffic... but occasionally you will get those Braveheart ones that are bombing across roads to get to the other side of their woods. Lot of close calls with wildlife in general... they are so dang unpredictable.
Originally Posted by gixxerjeff View Post
We are good negotiators, especially with ourselves.
Originally Posted by gixxerbill View Post
I hate perma bans they are sooo...permanent.
Rip Bill, you will never be forgotten.

Originally Posted by CamelToe View Post
Alright who did it? :

Formally - Toe
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Good to hear you will ride another day! Sad to hear the bike was destroyed.
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Too much lean angle...
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Originally Posted by Mike95060 View Post
Buy quality gear and wear it. Don't forget to pay the subscriptions! I'll post up some more pics later.
Did your subscription air bag not go off due to billing?
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Jesus Mike. Glad you're ok. That's gnarly stuff...
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I Don't Do GPS
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Dang! That's some pretty gnarly looking damage! Glad to hear you're still in one piece.

Mom 1/23/2008
Dad 2/12/2017
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