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Turn signals full of dust?

I've never had this happen before. As I was cleaning up my KTM from the Wednesday/Thursday ride on a section of the IDBDR, after scrubbing the dust off of most of the usual surfaces I noticed that the clear lenses for the front turn signals looked foggy. Somehow, dust got in there and coated both the lens and the reflector. The newer KTMs use a clear lens with an amber bulb so that it was easier to see. Had to get a small Phillips screwdriver to get them off.

The signals on my 2020 790R are the same ones used on the 2018 1090R that I had before it. I only had half the miles on that one before I traded it in and didn't notice dust inside the signals. And the rear signals on the 790R still look clean to me.

Is this something any of the rest of you have experienced? It's a first for me. I'll be checking them more often in the future.
Scott R. Nelson - Meridian, Idaho (after 30 years in the Bay Area)
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Darwin's exception
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Clearly an Austrian engineering error, potentially indicative of further problems lying just below the surface. Catastrophic conrod failure can't be too far behind.

To put your mind at ease, I will gladly take this soon to be overwhelmingly troublesome motorcycle off your hands so you don't need loose any more sleep.

We don't want you getting hurt if further failures appear, as they most certainly will from this dusty blinker tell tale. Your wife will thank you and me.

Considering the condition of the dusty blinkers, I think a fair price for the bike is $1,500 dollars. While that may be only 1/10th of it's original initial purchase price, you must consider your health, and both your wife's happiness and long term mental state. The strain she may be under worrying about you isn't fair.

You have too much to live for to think about the lost investment. I'll be happy to take a small financial ding to help both you and your significant other live a full and happy life.

It may be a year or two before KTM rolls out a dust proof blinker fluid fix, if all.

sorry, couldn't help my sarcasm tonight.

That is kinda strange though, seriously.
I'm looking for 1970 or older Triumph 650 project, cheap and preferably complete. PM me if you have something - will provide it a good home.

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I would consider it a feature not an engineering failure.. Nothing I hate more than seeing my blinker full of water. It allows it do drain?
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Have you been dipping your handlebars into road silt?
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Could it be by design, in order to let condensation and such out?
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Give me Backroads!
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Originally Posted by Cabrito View Post
I would consider it a feature not an engineering failure.. Nothing I hate more than seeing my blinker full of water. It allows it do drain?
I like this explanation!

You will just have to stay out of the "Poofy"!!!!
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3 pings and a zing
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Nothing I hate more than seeing my blinker full of water.
How about seeing that water tight bag your sleeping stuff is in full of water.....jus sayin' : )
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Scott, I feel your pain. When I sit on my seat it gets wrinkles. I've Googled and researched and read the forums. My struggle is real and all I get is snark and sarcasm.
bike X miles=smiles
smiles ÷ bike=miles
smiles ÷ miles=bike.
It's simple math.
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Big Ugly
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What we all really want to know is, why a pricey bike like a KTM uses old school incandescent bulbs in the blinkers when nearly every other manufacturer has switched to LED's.
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