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Name: Jen
Getting back on the motorbike

My name is Jen I used to be active on this forum some years ago but I sold my last motorbike about 5 years ago (FZ1) and have not ridden since. I didn't quit for any particular reason, I just felt I needed a break. The passion was less and the fear had increased.

Fast Forward to now! With all that is going on in this world, I really want to get back on and enjoy that feeling, the complete focus required for street riding clears the mind from all the noise.

Anyways I'm trying not to make this too long and rambling but I'm looking for an experienced rider to help me get back on. I purchased a used Vstrom 1000 that I had the owner deliver to my garage in Daly City and I've just been staring at it everyday, making excuses not too ride (too smokey, Covid, etc). My fear is unreasonable because I have over 20 years riding experience, did many track days, Keith Code, etc.. I even had a big accident and got back on.

So what I'm asking is not training, just someone to get on my bike take it to a big parking lot ( I will follow in my car) and leave me there. I know in an open flat piece of pavement I will overcome this fear. I guess I'm just afraid to jump on and be immersed in traffic while I'm still getting used to the feeling of friction zone, braking, slow turns, etc.

I will gladly pay you for time. I live in Daly City.
PM Jen

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