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Old 01-29-2019, 12:24 PM   #1
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Lane-splitting crashes and close calls

The following is a list of forum threads about lane-splitting crashes and close calls from a log I have kept since 2005. They are from the involved rider or an eyewitness--no friend-of-a-friend stories. Most are from BARF, but a few are from other forums. Links are all good as I write this.

I'm posting this in hope of improving awareness about how lane-splitting crashes happen, for the purpose of preventing them. The vast majority are lane-change cut-offs, but there are others, too. I have not been selective in the exact circumstances of the incidents logged.
  1. 11/22/2005...crash on bay bridge today, withness needed lane change on Bay Bridge
  2. 11/09/2006...Slowmof AKA soundwave8836 just got hit from lane spliting lane change on 101
  3. 11/22/2006...Almost took out a lanesplitter today BARFer in car changing lanes nearly hits splitter on I-80 in Berkeley
  4. 10/03/2007...Me vs Suburban lane change
  5. 09/21/2007...Got T-Boned by a semi truck this morning vs. crossing vehicle while splitting thru congested intersection
  6. 10/21/2007...Lane Split Accident lane change on Park Presidio
  7. 12/01/2007...1 or more riders down lane change
  8. 03/03/2008...Wreck on CA24 lane change
  9. 05/10/2008...Lesson learned: Don't be in such a hurry! lane change on multi-lane 101 offramp
  10. 06/19/2008...Rider down on 24 in Lafayette.... It was me! lane change
  11. 07/25/2008...Minor Crash on 880 lane change avoided, but rearends suddenly slowing car ahead
  12. 07/30/2008...Busting a lane position myth lane change avoided by moving to left side of #1 at gap
  13. 08/28/2008...Went down this morning on 101 before 85 entrance. lane change
  14. 09/20/2008...So I just got laid out on 101 lane change
  15. 10/08/2008...cut off on i-580 and i-238 on 10-7-2008 lane change after emerging from between big rigs
  16. 10/23/2008...Almost Thrown On 680 lane change avoided (dramatically), minor contact
  17. 11/06/2008...Accident while lane splitting, verdict? lane change
  18. 12/25/2008...Advice needed about what to do after moto vs cage mishap lane change on O'Farrell in SF
  19. 05/27/2009...Hit By A Yukon on 880 lane change
  20. 09/11/2009...RIP Light blue BMW tourer down on 880s near San Leandro bike too wide for narrow gap
  21. 09/03/2009...Could I have done something different lane change on SR-4
  22. 09/17/2009...Speed delta bites rider in ass lane change close call witnessed by one splitter; the second splitter later crashes
  23. 10/22/2009...Lucky or Good lane change crash avoided
  24. 10/29/2009...New riders please read, I had a close call. lane change anticipated and avoided
  25. 04/23/2010...So who hit my friend? splitter vs. ped in crosswalk, view obscured by bus
  26. 05/20/2010...Hit by a mini-van lane change
  27. 09/02/2010...Almost a crash story lane change avoided in SR-57 HOV-access zone (OC)
  28. 10/13/2010...Lane Sharing Is Dangerous! lane change crash close call
  29. 11/16/2010...Lane splitting discussion on rider hit while splitting between single lane and double-yellow
  30. 10/15/2010...Be Careful lane change by indecisive driver exiting HOV on I-405 (OC)
  31. 10/28/2010...Spliting lanes causes motorcycle accidents! like today lane change on SR-57 (OC)
  32. 01/25/2011...FFFFUUUU (Accident) splitter vs. ped crossing against red at a ped-only light
  33. 01/31/2011...side-swiped..what to do? lane change by car in HOV access zone on I-105 (LA)
  34. 04/13/2011...Rider backboarded on EB 10 lane change on I-10 (LA)
  35. 04/14/2011...**RIDER DOWN** BILL (xdjexklusivex ) lane change from HOV across double yellow on SR-60 (LA)
  36. 05/11/2011...Officer down (right in front of me) SFPD motorcop on DRZ doored near AT&T Park on game night
  37. 08/23/ sandwiched while lane splitting squeezed between side-by-side vehicles
  38. 09/13/2011...Sigh.. Need Advice lane change from HOV across double-yellow on I-5 (OC)
  39. 11/12/2011...Crashed again..... Argh! lane change on SR-4
  40. 04/27/2012...Side swiped on 101S this morning lane change on 101
  41. 06/21/2012...went down today lane change
  42. 08/13/2012...To the guy that almost hit me lane change close call on 580
  43. 09/06/2012...Accident Fault Determination. Is It My Fault? splitting on left of one-way one-lane street when car turns left
  44. 01/25/2013...minor accident on 101n lane change
  45. 03/13/2013...Crash on 80 today 3/13 hilltop lane change
  46. 05/20/2013...Just crashed, need some advice bike vs. bike rear-ender
  47. 10/03/2013...My first Crash lane change
  48. 12/07/2013...Lane Sharing I-580 E bound past Keller lane change
  49. 01/22/2014...Knocked Over While Lane Splitting lane change on 80 in SF
  50. 05/23/2014...Hit and run 5/23 lane change on 680
  51. 06/12/2014...Rider down 237 E bound just after 1st street lane change
  52. 06/03/2014...week from HELL 215North lane change I-215 (Riverside)
  53. 07/09/2014...Minor collision my fault ? car drifting in lane
  54. 08/25/2014...ABS is amazing lane change close call
  55. 08/25/2014...Lane splitting accident doored by occupant of parked vehicle
  56. 04/07/2015...Lady on the passenger side opened the door doored by passenger in vehicle stopped at light
  57. 07/14/2015...Guy got sideswiped right in front of me this morning (280N in SJ, 7/14/15) lane change witnessed by following rider
  58. 08/20/2015...Not a crash, but.... mirror contact splitting between SUV and bus
  59. 09/20/2015...watched a rider get hit this morning. lane change on Bay Bridge witnessed by following rider
  60. 09/29/2015...My Only Collision lane change with video
  61. 10/29/2015...Don't lane split past a car with nobody next to them lane change with video
  62. 11/22/2015...eff' me that was close... lane change close call
  63. 04/13/2016...Crash while avoiding cut off on 101 lanesplitting lane change
  64. 06/15/2016...Whelp, finally happened. lane change
  65. 07/23/2016...Contact with cages two lane changes with minor contact on consecutive days
  66. 11/01/2016...Avoiding Salvage Title in not-at-fault Accident? lane change on 101 in Petaluma
  67. 11/02/2016...Longshot: did anybody see my accident two weeks ago, on 280NB at alemany/101? lane change
  68. 01/03/2017...New Year, new stories... lane change into HOV across double-yellow on I-405 (OC)
  69. 03/19/2017...A different type of thread for Crash Analysis: Lane Splitting lane change crash video
  70. 07/20/2017...Did any riders witness my accident this morning? lane change on 580
  71. 08/22/ happened on 237 lane change
  72. 09/22/2017...Today is a Good Day - A Cautionary Tale lane change contact, but rider stays upright
  73. 10/30/2017...another rider tried to kill himself using my truck this morning rider exits split in front of truck, forces driver to shoulder when big rig ahead brakes hard
  74. 12/05/2017...Almost got crashed this AM lane change, contact but no injury or damage
  75. 12/07/2017...any witnesses ? 280 on 11/8/17 10AM lane change, contact but no injury or damage
  76. 02/27/2018...Feb 27th 101 lane change
  77. 05/02/2018...Close call 101N lane change close call with video
  78. 08/02/2018...Three cutoffs in one ride, what to do three lane change close calls on 280
  79. 10/23/2018...Fiat 500 missing a mirror lane change takes car's mirror off, witnessed by another splitter
  80. 11/07/2018...First down! Lane split 101N in SF lane change
  81. 11/13/ sideswiped on 880 sideswipe while splitting, no details
  82. 11/27/2018...Incident: 11/27/18 05:47 PM : Redwood City : Us101 N / Holly St Ofr lane change, non-contact crash under braking, video from driver behind
  83. 01/28/2019...Cars changing lanes into you from the left lane change close call
  84. 03/13/2019...I went pavement surfing on my commute this morning, but mostly all good now lane change
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Dan, you are truly amazing and great asset to the riding community. Thanks for all your hard work.
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Originally Posted by dravnx View Post
Dan, you are truly amazing and great asset to the riding community. Thanks for all your hard work.
+1... I could not believe how long the list was.

It will be interesting to look through these.
Your friendly neighborhood.... Budman
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might as well add one to the list.
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Originally Posted by sniper1rfa View Post
Done. Thanks.

I have also edited the list and added comments after reviewing all links.
"Hate speech needs to be stopped, but there's quite a bit of content near the perimeter of hate speech that we need to address as well."
--Fascistbook "data science manager" surfing the slippery slope of speech policing
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