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Early on we had decided to stay on the east side of Baja, the Sea of Cortez side on the advise of friends and fellow ADVers. We had intended to go down south for 1 more night before turning back and retracing our steps back across the border. But we liked Gonzaga Bay so much we decided if we might as well stay an extra night there on our way back. This proved to be fortuitous.

Some hard living out here.

Heading back to Coco's place.

Hostile terrain. Luckily the weather stayed pretty much around mid-70s during the day. I can't imagine riding here in the heat of summer.

Another view of Cocos.

We were shocked to see Radek and Andrew still there. This time with their truck. Apparently Radek's wheel bearing had failed.

Great use of natural fencing material.

Heading back to Alfonsinas.

And to the beach once again.

Oh yes.

This guy was from out east (Connecticut or something). He'd come down to watch the Baja 1000. And ended up burning off part of his bike due to a poorly placed saddlebag...

Sunset on the beach once again.

And once again a good meal.

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