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Originally Posted by Teddy View Post
Not for me....not when compared to the newer irons that really launch the ball, partly assisted by strong lofts. A blade is a 'touch' club, focused on control not distance. Usually by the time you are playing blades your swing speed is fast enough that distance is not a concern...then again, distance is always a concern..haha. Blades are great for shot shaping and distance control for the lower handicap golfer. They reward pure strikes with incredible feel and consistency....a mis hit goes nowhere. Some golfers that are learning like the penalty that a mis-hit blade will punish you with, kinda pavlovian. If you are about scoring, a game improvemnt iron is much more consistent for most

From 150 yards i'll hit a 7 or 8 with my blades depending on conditions, with my new Nike covert's its a 9...tops.

I'll still say a sweet strike my 690mb's feels better than anything, but I do like my new clubs.....
Interesting. Good to know!

BTW - No update from my buddy. Don't think he really cares enough.
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