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SF -> Whistler, BC -> SF

Last year at about this time, I rode from SF to various places in Wyoming and Colorado. This year, I decided to visit our friendly neighbors to the north. I left on 09/26 and returned yesterday with 2,466 miles added to the odometer. Never having been to the region, my brother and his wife flew to Seattle, rented an FJR, and joined me for 3 nights in Vancouver. A good deal of sushi and beer was consumed there. Fun times.

I didn't take very many photos outside of California, which is a darn shame because route 99 in BC is incredible. The water in the region north of Vancouver is very clear, often appearing to have an intense azure color usually seen only in tropical travel brochures.

Overall, I would not list this ride among my favorites, except for the BC stuff and a couple roads in California and Oregon. Basically, your choices for north-south travel through Oregon and Washington from the Bay Area come down to route 101 and I-5. 101 is very slow and frustrating, although very purty. I-5 is, well, fast and extremely boring. I had to stick to I-5 for significant portions of the trip in order to make decent time, whereas my trip to Wyoming/Colorado last year involved less than 200 total miles of interstate with similar daily mileage. If I were to do this trip again, I think I would budget an extra day to get to and from the eastern portions of Oregon and Washington.


Route 1, Sonoma county:

Route 128, Mendocino county:
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