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30 Year Old Friend Diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Hi all,

Wasn't sure where else to share this...

One of my beautiful and truly wonderful friends Philecia was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer... she is only 30! While she lives in SoCal, she and her boyfriend are avid bikers, and are both entrenched in the scene down south. I wanted to show her some Bay Area love, so I reached out to all of my soccer teams I have ever coached, played for, or played with and they have come big! I'm matching up to $1000, and my men's soccer team is matching up to $1000 1:1 for a surprise gift to her when I go down to visit July 7th for her Chemo and Headshaving party. I am hoping to give her at least $4000 from my friends and network.

If you are interested, please feel free to donate directly to the Gofund me, and just mention where you are from in the comments so we can match it. Or you can venmo or connect with me directly at Ben-Stadler-1 and just earmark it.

I'm also donating my time and offering $20 donation Bodyfat and muscle quality scans (within 2% of the Dexa) out of my gym up in SF. If you want to stop by and get a full body scan it takes about 10minutes. I'm donating all proceeds and will be doing it till Friday July 6! Just reach out to me via DM and I will give you my cell to schedule a time! Check out the album below to see what the scans look like and what information it provides!
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panty sniffer
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My best friend of 25 years died last month of cancer,he beat it and came back
I have another friend with stage 4 cancer,he’s in better shape than my friend that just died,
My best friend who I grew up with in Ireland riddled with cancer,he just wished me happy Christmas because he won’t be around for it,him his mother and sister all have it

It’s brutal cancer don’t give a fuck who you are how
Much money you have

Fuck cancer
Lick my shamrock
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Sorry for your loss and your friends diagnoses

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Name: Jeff
Just the other day I saw a license plate FC CNCR
bike X miles=smiles
smiles ÷ bike=miles
smiles ÷ miles=bike.
It's simple math.
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