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1,977 Miles and these are the only photos?

Well, where to start? I learned some very important lessons on this trip. Like:

1. A throttle rocker is worth every penny ($8.99 at Cycle Gear).
2. It doesn't matter how early you start off, you'll never "beat the heat."
3. Camelbacks are an absolute necessity while traveling through the desert.
4. Never assume that you'll just get gas at the next town. Reason: Just because there's a spot on the map marking a "town" doesn't mean there is a town there.
5. Always travel with kleenex and cleaner for your visor.

Okay, on to the pictures.

Day 1: Left our house in Fremont. Our plan was to drive to Santa Barbara to spend the night. So here's the bike the morning we left. All packed up and ready to go.

A quick stop in Carmel to fill up on mochas.

A random stop along Highway 1. Just before Ragged Pt. I believe.

A shot of the bike at the Los Padres sign. Same spot north of Ragged Pt.

Last pic north of Ragged Pt.

Due to time constraints, we only stopped at Hearst Castle. I didn't realize the tour took 2 hours, and we had already spent 4 hours on the road with 2 more hours to go. So here's the closest we got.

Day 1 ended at 5pm-ish in Santa Barbara. Total Miles: 337

Day 2's itinerary was to drive to El Cajon (San Diego area) to my Dad's house where we were to spend Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday with my parents. Our only real stop was the mission at San Juan Capistrano.

Another shot of the mission.

A look down the corridor.

What's left of the mission after an earthquake just 3 years after completion.

Day 2 ended at around 4pm-ish. Total Miles: 233
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