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Solo Trip to SoCal - Sitting on a brick all the way down...

I had this convention for work that I had to pay for all out of pocket. Since I had to pay for everything, I decided to make it a little solo, mini-vacation/tour. I looked over and packed KLR and left on Thursday (I took every emergency tool I could possibly think of, and I'm glad I did that!).

This was my set up (from L to R)

1. Garmin 330 GPS unit (adpated to work with the REI universal mount) 2. Cigarette Lighter/Adapter (for my GPS unit) 3. Trailtech computer (as always) 4. LED Charging System Moniter (good to have when you plug in gadgets) 5. Grip Heaters (not shown) 6. Fan Bypass toggle switch (when I'm off road and I want extra cooling). 6. Cramp Buster (like a throttle rocker) 7. Big ol' IMS gas tank (6.6 Gallon)

Off I rode. I took 101 all the way down. As you all know, most of California looks like this - But F*ck Egypt.

I stopped by Pismo on the way down. Very pretty place and I really was starting to feel like I was in Southern California.

This was a cool rest stop in the valley of some mountains. Note: I still represent Westside Santa Cruz to this day.

I finally got to Ontario and did business. The first night was pretty casual and Friday-Saturday night were spent in suits and ties. Here's me and my collegues (Knights of Columbus Insurance reps, I'm the one in black.) I got an award for be a good little insurance rep boy in the state of California (140% of quota at year end).

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