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Sf-->la-->perris City-->ensenada,mexico-->la-->modesto-->sf Labor Day Trip!

So I decided to ride to Los Angeles and Ensenada, Mexico for Labor Day weekend.
Yes just me and my new baby R6. Had to put it to the test for them long rides!

Departed Friday @ 5pm and arrived @ 1am in Paramount, CA.

Took 101 South to Hwy 25 What is a ride without some twisty roads? So I needed my dose.

I helped a fallen biker on hwy 25 with his wounds. Waited for about 1.5hrs for his father to arrive and helped him load the bike. Luckily I had a first aid kit and took first aid classes several years ago. This guy had a 1’’ inch cut on his left leg from the barb wire fence he collided with. You could see his bone, just made me literally puke. But I had to hold it in since I was cleaning it. I had medical gloves on. After I finished cleaning him up his father arrived and we loaded his bike. I took pictures of this but my camera’s smart media card crashed and erased all the pictures. So I cannot provide pictures. I had an extra card but did not know that the pictures were erased until I got to Los Angeles. There is no way I could ever work in the medical field.

So I proceed onto 198 to Coalinga in the dark. Several miles down the road there was a Cherokee turn over on its roof. There were two CHP officers waving vehicles to slow down. Luckily the CHP were there because there was no way I would have seen that truck on a blind turn like that. I start to think it I would have not helped the fallen rider would I have been fortunate enough to avoid the Cherokee. Maybe, maybe not! I may never know. But I am glad I helped this rider because that is just good Karma. I would like the same for me.

After Coalinga I did a straight shot to Paramount, CA. Arriving at 1am.

Saturday I attended my friend’s son and daughter’s baptism party in Perris City.

Sunday Morning departed to Ensenada, Mexico @ 10am. Crossed the border @ 12pm and headed towards Rosarito. I was going to pull over to grub but there was too much traffic so I decided to head towards my destination. Arrived in Ensenanda @ 3:30pm. Stayed with my friend I went to go visit while he was there for the Labor Day weekend. Had some grub and a beer! Bought a couple cartons of smoke and 5 liters of tequila for pops to preserve for 6 months Yum Yum! At around 7pm decided to head back to grandma’s house to meet with my bro-in-law and friend that trailer their bike up to Paramount.

Departed Paramount @ 1pm Monday got a call from the bro-n-law to meet him up in Modesto for a BBQ. Met up with them there and was too tired to ride after grub. So I tied the ride down with his and we headed to SF arrived @ 11:30pm.

Total miles 1340

R6 averaged 190miles per tank, yeah baby!

No accidents and no tickets..

On with the pics I'll have to start the pics @ my friends party on Saturday....

My friend struting after a few drinks...

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