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Mendocino to Cabo in 7 days?!?

I am considering a ride on my BMW 1200RT to southern Baja for 3 weeks beginning mid-June. Am I nuts to ride through the heat of inland Baja in June/July? I would not venture off the main highways with the big RT, and do not like riding in anything more than low-ninety degree temps, nor will I ride at night in Baja.

The plan is for about a week down, a week there and a week back...I have family, so would do my sightseeing while in thle La Paz-Cabo area, and not a lot on the ride there or back.

Anyone who has ridden this route in summer with some helpful advice would be great. Gracias.
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it wouldn't be much fun to me......your time table is too tight and you'd have to ride really fast once in Baja and that can be it is very hot anywhere away from the west coast and you will be heading inland probably on your first day in Baja......

one thing's for sure, you must check out if you have time to chill a's worth the extra time

also, to save time on the return, definitely go the extra distance to cross the boarder in Tecate, rather than'll save a couple of hours right there!

check also, but even though you have the miles eating bike, I think your time table is waaaaay too tight.....although doable.......
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The distance is no problem, you can be in Cabo in from NorCal in 4 days, at a fairly rational pace and only riding during daylight hours. That being said I'd be reluctant to do this ride in June/July though, as temps will be in the triple digits and it'll be like spending your days in a convection oven. Here's a link from a trip I took in January (mid 70's F) along with daily mileage. Good luck and good on you if you go and be sure you post a report.

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Lester Green
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it's only fun if you do it on a moped...

srsly tho, these iron butts just got back

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