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Old 03-27-2016, 06:40 AM   #1

Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Ca
Motorcycles: 1972 Kawasaki H2, 1990 FZR400,90 RGV VJ22 L
My grey market Ca title nightmare

My title story,

I searched for years here in Ca. for a titled RGV250 VJ22 with no luck. I then read that once a grey market vehicle turns 25 years old it could be title in Ca. even though it was never sold here and doesn't have the federal compliance sticker. I called Ca title compliance office and they told me that yes I could title grey a market motorcycle if it was 25 years old. There was a 90 RGV VJ22 L on ebay at the time with no title and cheap. I called title compliance a second time to confirm that is would be possible to title a 25 year old grey market bike. Same answer, yes I could. So I bought the bike with my fingers crossed and the fun began. First stop was the CHP so they could check and run the vin, no problem, not stolen but no record. Also they wrote down that there was no Federal Compliance sticker. Second stop was my local DMV. With an appointment and 4 1/2 hours later I left with a 3 month temp registration and was told all the paperwork was sent to Sacramento title Compliance so they could figure it out. After about a month I got a letter from them stating that if I got a letter from Suzuki stating that the bike met 1990 US and Ca. standards and bought a bond I could title the bike. So I called them and asked why do I need a letter
from Suzuki since your office told me on two different phone calls once the bike is 25 years old it's not a problem.

So I called Suzuki and was told sorry, no information avaliable. Called title compliance several more times and sent 3 letters stating all the facts. Five months later I get a letter from them told to remove the bike from the state, and if I sell it, it can't be a Ca. buyer. Gave up at that point and sent Vermont dmv there application for registration and 3 weeks later got the Vermont plate. So now I have a restored RGV but can't legally ride it, great.

I moved here from NH. way back in 1988, Ca was a decent place to live back then. Making my exit plan now, and Vermont is one of the states
I looking into moving to. :thumbsup:
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