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two wheel tramp
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Death Valley Noobs Rally ride

I signed up for the rally last fall when it was announced on ADV. Not only am I a two wheel tramp but I cheat on y'all with ADVrider.

SFMCJohn's recent report got me thinking... and a little jelly. That man is a whiz at finding hot springs! So off I went. I had intended to bomb down in one day but had to leave late Thursday so the ride there was split into a two day affair. Here is my route.

I had wanted to stop at Mercey but left a little too late to make that happen. So I stayed at Hollister instead. It was a nice place to camp and I had fun getting a little lost on my way out in the morning.... with my fully loaded wee.

Highway 25 was the prettiest I have ever seen it. Tall green grass waving in the breeze, a smattering of wildflowers. Being pressed for time I didn't stop through this section for photos. I hopped on 198 headed towards Coalinga and turned right on to Parkfield Grade. I had never ridden this road but it looked nice and squiggly on the paper map. I really recommend using paper maps still. I don't have a GPS and there's something abotu paper maps I like so much more than GPS or google maps. But I digress.

Parkfield grade was like HNNNNNNG

A bit goaty, deliciously twisty, nice sightlines and those views!!!! I did stop to take a photo of this. Gratuitous road porn follows (SFW):

The view towards the central valley:

That twistylicious road up:

After I crested the top I saw a sign that said "pavement ends"

I was treated to a few miles of perfectly graded dirt road with good sightlines that I could ride at the same speed as a goaty road. No problem here.

Arriving in Parkfield I saw a ton of bikes. Here's just a few including my fully loaded weeeeeee!

The restaurant had cool stools, too.

And the main drag:

HoHo To all my dog friends
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