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iso: shared workshop space in east bay

hey all! I'm coming back west and bringing my classic bike with me (82 GPZ550) and will also be doing some track prep on an SV650.

I'm looking for some workshop space for myself and anyone other responsible adults that wants to share space. I've been in a little shop in western NY called Interstellar Motors and I love to help and teach folks what I know of repairing and rebuilding motorcycles and keeping them running.

looking for: enough space for a workbench and 2 bikes, some metal working tools (a brake, a small TIG welder, drill press, grinders etc)

I have an engineer friend looking for a space with me that could possible include space to work on his old Datsun 240Z as well, so ideally first floor and drive in space would be nice but I can just do the bikes right now on a non ground floor if there's a freight elevator (my current setup in NY)

Would be moving in around July, so there's time to think about it and search.
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Welcome back.
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Theres a spot in San Jose, the Garage, that might meet your requirements
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