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Join Date: Jan 2021
Location: Phoenix, moving to SF Bay
Motorcycles: Harley Davidson
Hello and Question

Hi Everyone! My husband and I will be moving to the Bay Area from Phoenix. We are going from a home with a private garage to an apartment without a garage. He is concerned about owning a motorcycle that will be exposed to the elements and not protected, and is considering selling it. He loves riding, and I think selling his bike when there are so many great areas there to explore could be a mistake. Does anyone have experience with owning a bike that is not in a garage or enclosed space and can share any thoughts on this? Thanks so much!
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Name: Bryli
Welcome! I was a newbie short weeks ago

I have two bikes at my covered garage apartment complex. Watch out for rules like "you can't work on your vehicle in the complex" or "it will cost you an extra $150/month for an extra vehicle". Make sure the bike has a good anti-theft system and/or a visible chain to deter thieves.

if the weather is the only issue, just get a bike cover!

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Weatherproof, lockable cover
Disk lock
Large hardened steel chain with heavy lock ( hopefully there will be a pole or something to lock it to)
ALWAYS lock the ignition
I used these after having a bike stolen at an apartment. Never any trouble after that.

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Also, make sure your insurance covers theft and mentally be prepared to have it taken. (Not saying that is a sure thing, but mentally be ready for that to happen and still hope it never does)

If his current bike is a precious expensive bike he really likes (and would be super sad to see it stolen), then maybe a good plan is to sell it in AZ, then in CA buy a used "don't care so much about it" bike.

Another option (if he doesn't really ride that much) is to sell the AZ bike and then rent bikes in CA for 2-3 trips per year. Still get to ride and explore, and no issues with working on it or theft or storage, etc.

This web site is a rider rental site:
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I had my old SV in an open air garage for about 5 years in San Jose. Weather isn't the problem in most locations. As noted theft will be an issue you will need to be prepared to deal with. You say bay area. That means a lot of different locations to a lot of different people. Some are more prone to theft than others. There are areas in the bay area I would never consider keeping a motorcycle that wasn't in a personal garage fully enclosed and locked.
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Name: Ed
The bigger question is why in God’s name would you leave AZ for CA? I’d love to live where you are now.
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Welcome from the Easy Bay!

For what it's worth, I see plenty of bikes parked on my neighborhood streets, seemingly without issue (though car windows are another story).

Maybe you can tuck your bike in front of your parked car to keep it out of sight as much as possible? I definitely agree that a cover is mandatory, especially during the rainy months!
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Join Date: Jan 2021
Location: Phoenix, moving to SF Bay
Motorcycles: Harley Davidson
Thank you so much, everyone! I appreciate all the feedback. It's very helpful.

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Enjoy the community here and the Bay Area. Lots of great roads to access. You should love that!
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Welcome! Let us know where you settle and you can have more... advice!
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and get a dirtbike! preferably a 2 stroke... Or... Electric!
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