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How did you size your aerostitch?

Im looking to buy some AD1 pants to wear in the rain and have spent a fair amount of time looking over the sizing charts on their website -- say I'm a 32" waist in jeans, are AD1's sized as a 32" waist meant to fit over my street clothes?

Maybe I'm over thinking this, but I know that your average jean manufacturer uses vanity sizing (something labeled as having a 32" waist may actually measure as a linear 34")

So I guess my real questions are: do you have a 'stitch? What's your waist size in street clothes? What waist size did you get your 'stitch in?

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Name: Dan
When I first bought my pair of AD1 pants I ordered the same size as my jeans (40"). Too small (and I have them for sale as a result). I then ordered the next size larger (42") and they are a perfect fit over my jeans. Easy to get into and out of as well. I've only worn them once (on a 300 mile ride in the mid to low 40's up to 60) and they were fantastic.

Hope this helps.

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ST Guy
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Firstly, call them. They're extremely helpful. Second, order a couple sizes. All you're out is shipping back to Aerostich and they credit your card very quickly. That way you can compare. Yea, a hassle, but worth it with a product ad good as Aerostich.
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200k mile club
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Call them. They're really good at what they do.
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Like ST Guy stated earlier. I ordered two sizes that they recommended. Kept the one with the best fit and sent the other back.
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Name: Jim
my first stich was just "off the rack" red, black ballistics.
I handed it down to a novice rider when I got my new one 10 years later.
That one, I ordered with extra gussets under arms for more reach, and that kind of thing.
When I crashed in it, I sent it back. They made a new one using my old-crashed one as a pattern, moved my patches, too.

My advice. Take measurements, waist, inseam, arms etc. Call them,,,,,Tell them what you will wear underneath and what type of bike(s) you have and the usual position.

They will figure it out.
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Old 01-19-2018, 10:14 PM   #7
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Thanks for the info y'all.

Based on Bergmen's reply, I think one size up may be the right move. But I'll still get in contact with them before pulling the trigger -- I like it when stuff works as planned.

Shouldn't have waited till mid January to invest in waterproof pants
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Suh Dude
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With their sizing guide.
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I ordered, and returned, three different suits that didn't fit. I eventually had to talk to Aerostich founder Andy Goldfine to figure out how to order a suit that would work for me. In my case, I could have worn an off-the-track 42R but the fit was a little off and the FNG answering the phones didn't seem to realize that the alternate sizes he kept sending had no chance of working...
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Got my first Aerostich Darin jacket off of Ebay. Used for 2 years liked it enough to spent the $$ to buy a new Darin Jacket. Went to the Popup in San Francisco. The person who fitted it was great. I have short arms and needed the sleeves shortened 2 inches. They took the 2 inches out above the elbow so the pads fit where they should.

Go to one of the pop-ups or take a trip to Duluth MN if you want a perfect fit.
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