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I've been eyeing them and a few here in the bay area has bought them already. Would like to know how its like. I know its not a highway cruiser and it's more of a city bike. How woukd you compare it to the drz?
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This video might help
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I considered KTM690SM/Husky701SM and DR-Z400SM before landing on KLX300SM.

Didn't like the KTM's fuel filler location or its 6K miles valve interval

Liked the Suzuki a lot, but didn't like its lack of EFI or lack of 6th gear.

The KLX300SM weighs 304 lb wet and probably puts 23 hp to the rear wheel. I love the lighter weight. The suspension is fine for me at 180 lb. It feels firm enough for street riding, but hit a pothole and it magically absorbs like a dualsport. I'm into exploring rough goat trails (Tunitas Creek, Mountain Charlie) and some fire roads (Buzzard Lagoon) so a lighter bike is much more pleasant to take than a V-Strom 1000.

23 hp means on freeways, my friends disappear into the horizon and I'm hugging the fog line, but I hate freeways on any bike. Never bought a bike with highway comfort/speed among the criteria. I can cruise at 68 mph and max out around 78 mph.

The bike is assembled in Thailand (as the CRF250L) to save costs. Doesn't bother me, I trust Kawasaki's quality control.

It uses tubed tires, which will suck when I get a puncture (I average about 4 punctures every 60,000 miles) No more worm plugs roadside, time to call the wife and figure out transport.

It has no ABS, no cornering ABS, no traction control, no ride modes, no cruise control, no quick shifter ... I have to ride it the old fashioned way.

Mine is setup with a case for the DSLR and saddlebags for my lunch and space to shed my warm layers and winter gloves when temperatures warm up midday. I've done overnight trips on this, it works for me.

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Cool man. Hard finding these right now since COVID.
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Whatever that means
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Curious how well it will perform with a few mods and mapping.

I really want a new sumo and have been eyeing the 701 as I don't want to pour money into mods but the kawi, its like half the price. mostly the brakes and suspension but power is awful nice to have too.
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Clawson Motorsports had a few when I went there earlier this year

I race a KLX170 (KLX140 with a bore up kit) and I wish I could plate this bike it would be so much fun to ride on the street. The engine is so reliable also, you just wail on it and it doesn't complain. These Thailand made bikes are really well made.

Maybe a KLX230 supermoto I could still race that in the mini class.

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