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Motorcycles: Husqvarna for the dirt/ street, Sv 650s for the track
Name: Duncan
Post 2020....the fun never ends...round 3!

So....I finished up 2019 by putting my sv on the ground with a ill advised pass on a track day the weekend before the last race...
Me and my SV were out for the rest of 2019..
Over the winter both of us recovered and was looking forward to 2020!
Then, covid 19 changed plans for all of us..

Missed the first two rounds at Buttonwillow as I was remodeling our future home and getting ready to move.
So....round three!
Hyper and I signed up for Carter's AFM Friday track day to see if we could remember which way the track
Slowly I got the feel back and made some progress.
Saturday AFM practice was going good and was getting the bike dialed in.
Last practice after lunch I was finally feeling it and getting closer to my 2019 times.
Now passing riders with confidence and knee down in most corners.
Coming into T 2 I caught a slower rider and was able to make a out side pass before T3.
Entering T3 I notice two riders down....damn, sorry riders.
Caught another rider going into 5 and made the pass at 5B ....
This left me with a bit tighter entry to T6 so I backed off my pace slightly and got my knee firmly on the deck..
Next thing I know my sv let's go and slides away from me...
I have a no drama slide across the track and into the dirt...can't say the same for my poor sv.
I get up and when the track is clear I check my is clear my weekend is done..
I wait for the crash truck to pick me up wondering what I could have done differently to prevent my crash...
We load my bike and they tell me someone oiled the track from T3 on..!
They finally drop me at my pits to the releaf of Hyper and friends.
I assess the visible damage: broken handle bar, severely smashed gas tank, smashed body work, bent rear sets, etc.
Dave Moss sends me down to GP frame and wheel to get things checked out..
Good news is frame, wheels and swing arm are straight!....Bad news is triples or possibly fork tubes are tweeked.
Fix bike from last years boo boo including new paint, only to need to repeat repairs and paint again this year....the life of a
Let's hope for a less adventurous 2021.
AFM 989

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