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Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Redwood City, CA
Motorcycles: KLX140, HVA FE350s, KTM 690R, KTM 1190ADV
WANTED - Vstrom, Tenere, FJR, etc... ~$3k/$3.5

Due to life circumstances I need to find a "cheaper" commuter such as Vstrom, Tenere, FJR, etc...
I'd like to stick with Japenese bike for now, but could consider other depending on what it is.
No BMW please, sorry not my cup of tea. I'd prefer under 30k miles if possible.

I have a pristine KTM 1190R with 7k and $2k of parts on it for sale which could be part of a trade.

Within 500ish miles from San Francisco bay area

thank you
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