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Rounds 2 and 3 cancelled - BoD email to members

Posting here just in case somebody is not on AFM mailing list.

-- full email --

Dear Racers,

We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy in these unprecedented weird times and take a minute to fill you in on the updated 2020 race season. Most urgent; Round 2 and Round 3 have been canceled. Buttonwillow will not be open for April and may be open for May. The board made the decision to cancel round 3 early to give members early notice derived from the board’s belief that our May round falls too close to the May 1st shelter in place date which may or may not be extended. Given the next board meeting would fall after the event and given the amount of hurdles the board felt will have to be overcome to make the round a successful possibility, the decision to give more time for our 2020 season to start was made. We all hated making this decision, but the board’s focus is on the long term sanctity of our club.

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation along with the rest of you, and remain hopeful that we will be able to gather soon. That said, there are a number of things that must happen for us to be able to do so. First and foremost, The State of California and any county specific shelter-in-place orders must be lifted. Once the shelter-in-place orders are lifted, we then will need to make sure that gatherings of 200+ people are allowed, and that our tracks are prepared to host us with the additional sanitary precautions needed to be in place.

The 2020 AFM season will be different from past seasons given the availability of track time in late 2020 combined with the absence of any track time in the first half of 2020. Sonoma Raceway has replaced our event with their Sonoma Speed Festival and we were not given an option to reschedule in 2020. We are obviously not happy about this decision, but it was made at a corporate level and track management was given no choice but to cancel our event. We have asked to be taken off the Labor Day holiday weekend for future events and starting in 2021, Sonoma has indicated this will be our choice, should we want a different date (we do).

We have been talking with Buttonwillow and have secured dates later in the year to reschedule Round One, and have another weekend secured for Round Two. We’re hopeful these dates will work within members schedule. With still a considerable amount of questions about when groups our size (250+) will be able to meet again, we are constantly monitoring and adjusting our schedules as suits the AFM best. This process will continue to have some movement. Please stick with us…we’ll get us all racing soon. Our track connections are tight and we’re in a good position to make a 2nd half 2020 schedule well worth our time to load up our race bikes and head out to meet up. First though, as competitors, let’s beat this virus into submission.


The AFM Board and Staff
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I'm still working on the bike as if we'll go racing this year, but I'm honestly doubting if we'll be on track at all at this point. Seems like even pro sports are questioning the Fall at this point.
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It seems like maybe smaller gatherings like track days and even AFM events could come back before pro sports, but maybe that’s wishful thinking.
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We're all still hopeful that we can have a great season this year. I think once the SIP measures are lifted, we have the ability to be able to spread out enough to practice safe social distancing at our events.

The thing with pro sports is the amount of lost revenue from ticket sales and concessions if they end up holding events with no fans in the stands. Makes sense why they would push it out. We don't have the same issue fortunately.

See you all in June at Thunderhill.
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not Stan
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AFMers + track camping + beer == no way in hell everyone can social distance
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New tentative calendar based on the latest meetings minutes:

TH Jun - Season opener (Jun 27-28)
BW July – Sub March round (Jul 18-19)
BW Aug – Sub April round (Aug 8-9)
SO Sep - Canceled by Sonoma
BW Oct – Pending. New track may not be available and other track is booked (Oct 3-4)
TH Oct – (Oct 17-18)

Hopefully, the coronavirus situation improves in time.
"Your best isn't good enough when better is expected."
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