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Name: Butch
Coyote Creek Sprint Enduro - Oct 14th 2018 at Metcalf

I have entered...
I'd post the flyer if I was less computer lame
this is the SBR Thread:

But you ask...
A "Sprint Enduro" is...

Picture the sweetest, best flowing grass track you’ve ever ridden combined with some great, wide, fast trails, and you holding it full gas (Euro slang for wide open) for 6-10 minutes around the track trying to do a lap as quick as possible. This is enduro racing, so you’re racing against the clock not head-to-head against other riders.

Okay, that description didn’t make any sense to me, can you try and explain this to me one more time?
Riders will race two “special tests” 3 times each, for total of 6 tests a day. One special test will be a 2-3 mile “cross test” consisting of nearly 100% grass track and/or motocross track. The other will be an “enduro test” featuring wide, flowing, groomed trails and will be 3-4 miles. Riders will take off in 15-second intervals.

How will the race be timed and how will results be calculated?
Every rider will either rent, or purchase, a MyLaps Transponder that will be mounted to their fork tube between the triple clamps. The transponder will read when the racer crosses the start and the finish to give them a total time for the test, down to the .001 of a second. At the end of the day, the rider with the least amount of time spent and having completed all of the tests will be the winner.

Is there transfer trail between tests?
No. The start and finish of the test will be very closely located. Finish a test, head back to your truck for a drink or bike maintenance, then come hang out in the staging area with your buddies and wait for your next lap. No transferring, no time keeping, just fun.

Do I have to keep time?
Not in the traditional sense of an old-school time keeping enduro. In the general sense, you’ll need to be ready for your next lap when it’s your turn to go. We’ll let everyone know a general time to be ready based off of rider turnout and test length.
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