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Racism on barf - RIP Threads - FYI

We have felt these two items come up and disturb folks before and I wanted to share my views on each.... Since I am the do or don't guy ultimately and these are tough topics for users and moderators I felt this was a good thing to do once again.

This happened to play out in an RIP thread so both are interlinked.

We will do racism first:
Originally Posted by random barfer
I am expecting that you banned xxxxx for his racial comments
There is no TOS that says if you are a racist you will be suspended, but racism is covered in several areas within the TOS and those are the tools that we use to curtail it. Using the race card in any personal attack towards another member is going to get you suspended and likely on a watch list for continued actions.

Personally I like to know who is who and if one seems to be such, it is a good thing to know.

We have several factors that are going on with racism that makes it a hard nut to judge. A lot of folks are very comfortable with joking about their race and do so often. They are also comfortable playing about it with friends too.

I have many times gotten a reported post when "damn asians" is used.. and yes it is true and it was well an Asian and some other Asian takes offense and points the race finger.

Same thing with other members who embrace their race and are totally cool with poking at themselves and others in the same way. I have said so before and I will say it again. The diversity and acceptance here and in the Bay Area is an amazing thing and I feel great about living in an area like that and also about see many races enjoy fun together.

Motorcycling is a unique sport in ways because we are very diverse individuals who partake and we also have a confidence to do so. This is a part of the people who do it that I love...not afraid to live.

So basically racist statement if not address at a barf member are not going to get you suspended. Repeated statements about such may mean a banning. If I feel your views and actions more importantly are causing harm to my friends or barf members or the barf community itself I can remove you.

Most times however we see the members self moderate here and while we are tolerant with each other in general, tolerance for people who are closed minded on societal concepts of acceptance is quick to be identified and any long term example of such staying active on the board just are not there to my knowledge. Some what appear to be racist may just be a bias. We all have those to live with and some are a part of our internal defense mechanism and won't go away without personal interaction and experience. The offensive post in this discussing may just be a bias in that area for a certain type of driver, but not towards an entire race of people. Shade of gray make it tough to interpret correctly.

There are lots of things to moderate here and racism can be such a gray area for the members we would find it next to impossible to address the reported posts that would likely come in.. asking for suspensions, bans etc.

RIP Threads:

This one is stay respectful please in threads about motorcyclist. Stay on topic.. share grisly details or discussions on what he did or not do right or wrong in a different thread.

We have seen many threads start with an RIP .. find its way from condolences to public ridicule of the rider and then have the rider turn out to be a community member, or dear friend of one, or have their parent join or brother and this community look like a piece of doo because of crass remarks and the lack of respect for another rider, son, mom, dad, etc..

We don't know much usually and jumping in with remarks that end up making you look stupid.. are! Think it through.. like "Would my Mom like to read what I want to post.. about me?"

We are discussing the above within the MC and we may choose to edit out overly stupid or insensitive comments. We don't like to edit anything, but there may be times when it is the right thing to do. **We did a minor edit in the thread where the quote came from**. We would prefer that our users acknowledge their own mistakes and delete offensive posts.

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