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PhotoShop - Change Colors

I'm so-so in PS and am not finding how to ask this from the google...

short question: how to change base colors in a photo (say of your motorcycle tank) and preserve the reflections, highlights and shadows?

All colors are specified in Pantone. Using a photograph of the product, I have duplicated the bits of color that we want to play with into new layers and can bucket fill those areas, but I want to preserve the highlighting and shadows rather than have a solid cartoon fill.

I think this can be done with a layer mask, but I'm not sure the right way. I tried duplicating the base objects, created a pixel mask and selected the color range of black matte and adjusted fuzziness to 150 to get a sort of grayscale kind of mask (just in the preview) which looks mostly transparent. I put that layer on top and selected Luminosity blending. It works OK but the base color is still there and affects the new colors.
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