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Kurt, thank you for the invite... I'm so happy to have hugged so many BARFers tonight... and so sad that HoHo wasn't there to hug...
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He often spread joy to me and others, at sooo many social events, just by being there.

Great post, Dennis! And Connie, thanks for the reminder to hug each other NOW -- before it's too late... and to be kind and loving.

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You are already missed HoHo. RIP. Brother.
R.I.P. Champ Nicky Hayden
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Too bad, one of the few Barfers I met in person. I remember HoHo asking my Barf handle and I said, "Ratsblast." Took one look at my bike and said, "makes sense."
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Thank you for the pictures Dennis. I can't imagine the depth of loss and grief that his family must be feeling now.
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Originally Posted by atoyf View Post
DMV test is not there to teach or prove you can ride the bike, it is there to prove that you can control the bike.
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I didn't know he was going through this... I met him at a rally, really nice dude. I remember following him and looking at his toes hanging a bit low on that triumph, I was so concerned and focused on his toes that I forgot to watch the road and went full speed off the road behind him at that rally. Every time I saw him afterwards, we'd still make jokes about that. RIP dude

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The Hoho picture with the phone leaning on the beer glass got me.
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Too much lean angle...
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I met HoHo and it made me want to BARF more.
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Originally Posted by dittoalex View Post
I met HoHo and it made me want to BARF more.
That is awesome.
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So kind , compassionate and with the heart of a Lion for all that was good.

I’ll put some miles in for you, HoHo and think of you often along the way. 🌹
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Miss you my little man MiniMax, bff
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Just got back in town, sorry to see we lost one of our rally family. Rest in
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The BARF family delivers. Hoho brought so much love to the community, and you guys return it in spades (or whatever).

We are all so lucky to have each other. Thank you Hoho for making me appreciate that.
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So I just discovered today that Hoho was my uncle. I called my grandmother on Saturday night to wish her Happy Mother's Day. We have a quick conversation and she manages to lecture me about riding my motorcycle. Tells me her nephew just died. A name I've never heard before, for some reason he was not close to our side of the family. This afternoon I paid her a visit and she showed me some recent pictures and I immediately recognized a few familiar faces, faces of people from BARF that I've met and some that I haven't. I'm not a very active member of this forum, and don't really attend social events, but I've met a few of you. My family told me how people kept coming to visit Horace in the hospital during his final days and were amazed at the amount of love and support he had. It warms my heart to know that he was such a beloved member of this community. My family showed me pictures of him in the hospital and he looked so happy (given his predicament) thanks to the support from the wonderful people of this community. I only wish I had met him earlier and got to know him, he sounds like a remarkable guy.
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