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Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Palo Alto and SF
Motorcycles: race NC35, 620 Multistrada
First Road Trip - California Coast

Finally figured out how to embed all the images into the post, so this is turning out to be more of a photo-essay of sorts Of course cut up into pieces to comply

So after having my bike for a couple months and riding it up and down the bay, I decided it was finally time to dive off the deep end, so to speak, and go on my first moto-road trip. (yes, I got a 600 as my first bike, but I've got my flame-suit on, so if you haven't had your daily flame yet, enjoy, it's my treat ) And what better destination than LA, via PCH most of the way? Since I'ld been wanting to do the drive for a long time but never got around to it, it was an easy decision.

Not a fan of road-tripping (at least on a bike) by night, I decide to leave super-early in the morning in order to arrive earlier. Worked out well since my buddy Ehsan lives in Monterey and he owes me breakfast

Leaving Palo Alto, I ride down the 101 (cold and damp) and admire the sunrise on the way there. Breakfast is at this awesome place called Loulou's on the pier:
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