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Maybe try rowing if you gym has a decent one. If you just can't stand cardio, maybe something like 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes exercise bike, 10 minutes rower ... then 15 treadmill, 15 bike, 15 rower.

For non-gym, try mountain bike riding. A lot of similarities to dirt bike riding, easier to hit a mountain bike area after work, more fun cardio than a gym.

As for strength you really don't need to have crazy strong muscles to ride a dirt bike well ... look at Marvin Musquin.
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A strong core is required in all athletic activities. If you have a weak core your strength in other areas will suffer. You should look into a workout routine that incorporates a combination of static and dynamic movements.

One example that I like to do as a quick warm up (weight can be added to make it a routine by itself ) using a 20-25lb medicine ball with handles.

Start out by holding the ball at arms length for all of these exercises.
12 torso rotations, keep your abs tight.

12 figure 8 motions with the ball ( you will feel this in your lower back if itís weak ) for added difficulty you can jump from left to right foot and vice versa to make this a more explosive movement.

6 circles clockwise/6 counterclockwise squat at the bottom ( jump as youíre going up for added difficulty) you will also feel this in your lower back.

12 rotational chops
Ball starts over your left shoulder then you rotate and lower it to your right while rotating hips and bending your legs as if youíre trying to place the ball behind your right leg. Do this both sides. Your weak spot will suffer here.

12 wood choppers - legs straight but knees slightly bent. Ball over head swing it down and reach as far under your legs as you can safely reach. Keep abs tight. You will feel the stretch in your hamstrings and lower back.

Repeat that 4 times without rest. Should only take a few minutes. If you want to add more stuff you can do squat with a rotation, sumo squat w/high pull using a heavy kettle bell and kettle bell swings.

Seriously this shit works wonders for general strength and lower back pain.
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Lower body and core
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When I was in my 40s and was doing enough track days to matter ,I bought myself a used Bowflex weight machine. The one with the "Power rods" . I built my workout around every muscle group that was sore after a ride. I kept at it for a few years. I'm not fanatical about anthing,but hitting that and some stationare bike every weekday really toned me up.
And greatly improved my riding.
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Find a steep hill, run up it, repeat till you wanna throw up or pass out. do it again tomorrow. fun.

also kettle bell for your core is good.
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Drink lots of milk before running the hill too...
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Keep in mind that as your skills Improve, you won’t have to work as hard for every mile. Being the slow guy that is fighting his bike constantly, picking it up, and getting less
Rest time than everyone else that is waiting for him at the next intersection takes more energy that clearing each section with less Drama.

So skills plus general conditioning / strength training. Just ride.

Everyone is different, but I have a high metabolism so I must have a massive breakfast that I eat during the hour leading up to unloading. That way I have fuel to get me to lunch on the trail.

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