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Name: chris
I like Carl Hiaasen for a quick humorous green read. I just finished Flush one of several that features kids as protagonist. I probably just have good reason to appreciate juvenile delinquents.

“ The Prince of Risk” by Christopher Reich.
Read some of his books and I like the $/ Wall Street angle. Found The “Prince of Risk” to be very timely in a commie china rule the world way. I’m optimistic that it’s a 3 initial intelligence agency exercise possibility.
Not sure if this qualifies as an achievement other than letting my mind wander.
Originally Posted by nebulous
“Being offended by the past using today's sensibilities, or un-sensibilities as it were, is disgusting”

"tis better to wank here than in the hereafter" M.S. Murphy.
"Rivers and roads lead people on" Georgia O'Keeffe

Be Well Ride Well
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Sean D
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Name: Sean
I've read a few Hiaasen books and always enjoy them. Razor Girl was the last one I read, will have to pick up the new one.

I just finished Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell, which takes place in the swingin' 60s london and follows a band on their way to stardom. Being David Mitchell it's not a completely straight forward story, but I really enjoyed it and it reminded me of "Hall of Mirrors", a great biography of Jimi Hendrix. I would love to teleport back to London in those days.

The band makes a trip to SF and LA and a bunch of musicians from back in the day make (fictitious) appearances.
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Your views on any given subject are the sum of the media that you take in, scaled to the weight of the credibility of the source that provides it, seen through a lens of your own values, goals, and achievements.

Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

Wheel horsepower is just crank horsepower after taxes.
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