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Exclamation Advice to those that organize Group Rides and or participants!

Remember these rides are not put on by barf. We are not in charge of these rides nor responsible for your ass.. YOU ARE!

A lot of different folks organize group rides and I have talked to a few about crashing and other things.

It made me think that many may not really be thinking safety and about all getting home safe so here I am!

Some of this will not apply to you and your buds that ride together often, but many of the group rides that folks put together on barf have unknown entities so please consider some of this!

Another item that is a great tool is to carry a SPOT device.. this will allow immediate notification of an emergency to authorities in areas where cell phones don't work.

A few simple things for Group ride leads first:

1. Group ride organizers should take a look at this thread.. lots of very good info for you to be aware off and help plan your ride. If you are leading group rides and have not read it.. why the hell not??

More good stuff:

2. It is a good idea to ask if the riders have checked their bikes, do they know the air pressure in their tires??
When was the last time they checked their bike over?? Etc. Not a bad idea to do a quick visual on the members bikes.. tires OK.. chain decent, brakes work etc.. It is easy to ask if it is OK to do some of it.. and easy to do a lot with just a quick glance. If you have regular buds with you assign their ass to help!

3. Gear: If you see riders with inadequate gear.. challenge them. A little explanation from their peers may give them food for thought about getting it right!

4. Explain that this is not a race!! Group mentality will often take over and riders will try to keep up and ride over their heads. This is probably the BIGGEST chance your ride will FAIL. Meaning someone goes down and you end up dealing with that instead of riding!

5. Have a few known guys watch for mistakes that riders may make that could put others in harms way. Don't be afraid to discuss repercussions for such mistakes.. here is a short list to consider:

6. REPERCUSSIONS: You should let the folks know that if:
6.1 If someone blows the double yellow they will be asked to leave. This is a death sentence for your day and should not be accepted.

6.2 If someone creates issues with others by following extremely close or passing where it is causing risk to another rider they will be asked to stop it or leave the group.

6.3 If this is a known sporting pace ride don't be afraid to say something about their gear.. no gloves, no jacket.. no whatever you wish to set as a minimum standard is their "not today" card.. "come back when you have the right stuff."

6.4 If you have had problems with an individual before and don't want them on the ride.. say it! Why should you endanger others or yourself with a tool.

Now for the rider:

7. If you are going on a group ride and don't know the folks ask about the pace.. be honest and give them your expectations on your pace. If it is not something the group sounds like they are going to do.. you have the choice to not go!

8. If the pace is too quick or others actions are creating a problem for you don't be afraid to leave the ride.
Protocol is to let the ride organizer know.. so they don't worry about what happened to you. All good ride organizers take careful attention to how many riders there are and if one is not there anymore **Warning Will Robinson**

9. If the pace is too slow.. get away from the group.. hit the next meet spot or whatever. Don't try to get the group to up their pace to yours!

10. Don't assume every rider knows how to ride!! Many newbies will blast the straights and park it (slow way down) in the turns.. don't get caught by a parking Gixxer 1K!

11. Don't get caught up in Double yellow passing... there is no urgency to get around that car to keep up. Make any pass safe for you.. stay in YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

12. Ride smart.. you hold the key to a successful day for you.. no one else can get you home, but you!


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Great advice Budman! Thanks!
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It would be a good idea to have a someone designated to check people's bike for general stuff that could be wrong(chain, tire pressure, etc), so that they do not pose a risk for themselves.
Also, maybe designate someone to bring extra equipment(pump, tire plugs, etc). Nothing sucks more than being on a group ride in the middle of nowhere with a nail in the tire and low air pressure. I always have a tire plug kit with me in case someone gets a nail in the tire.
Originally Posted by 510Triple View Post
i heard they have nets to catch the shit now just incase. well not nets but some sort of catching shit mechanism.
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Good info!!!! Thanks....
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Well said Budman, good stuff!
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It's what im full of

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Good info...
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Thanks, Budman, for this excellent thread I'd like to add a couple of things:

1.) It's a good idea to carry a small first aid kit with common items. Strap it in a secure, visible place on the bike so people know it's available. There are lots of "incidents" which only require a bandage or Ibuprofen. But know when to seek medical attention!

2.) After one accident last year, after calling 911, I struggled to remember our location. Fortunately someone else who had stopped knew the name of the road. Since then, I try to learn road names preride and during the ride. Learning the route is also part of the pleasure of the ride.

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New to the group ride. EXCELLENT advice. Thank you.
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Verry use full tips. Opened my eyes hope to put all of the advice to use

*2005 yzf R1*
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