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Chain lube - Motul C5 brush on paste is good stuff.

I guess this is kind of an anti "which oil should I use" type of statement for a change of pace.

The Motul C5 chain paste is the first chain lube that didn't feel like a necessary evil. Every other spray based lubricant I have tried has let me down. Either due to being too light and causing a lot of fling to being too thick (to avoid fling) and instead becoming a glue trap for every bit of grit and grime on the road. I've always hated having to lube my chain because it felt like I was causing a snowball of maintenance where cleaning the fling or grime build up was as much of a chore as keeping the chain itself clean.

This stuff, however, brushes on instead of spraying to avoid over doing the job while neither being a goopy glue or a fling-able oil. Once the stuff heats up it melted into the x-rings and rollers providing a thin and very slick feeling layer of protection. The chain has stayed lubricated for the last 350 or so miles without finding its way onto the inside of my wheels, the underside of my tail, or the chain guard. Thanks to it not picking up every spec of road debris like the PJ Blue I normally use I was able to clean it off without creating my usual grime trail in the driveway as well. It forms a pretty thin slick barrier which came off without really any scrubbing. Spray on the solvent, work it in with a sponge, rinse it off. Ez.

Thus ends my unofficial Motul commercial. Get it, it's good stuff.
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Busy Little Shop
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I also recommend Motul Chain Paste... squeeze the white grease from the
tube and load the brush... Hold the loaded brush to the inside of the
chain rollers to transfer the white grease... After a couple of spins
of the chain it's lubed like from the Factory... Motul Chain Paste
clings with no flings...

Have a wheelie NICE day...
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Works great on sliding doors and windows too!
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I really like Dupont Chain sticky mess, great chain life
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