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Name: Kris
I got me an airbag

After about a year of researching airbag vests, I finally bought a Helite Turtle 2. My top 3 criteria were protection, cost and versatility. I ride both street and track, so I was initially looking at a tether less system for street, but then have to purchase another airbag set up for track.
I was looking at Dainese smart jacket or Tech air 5 however, they are for street use only. Plus, all the updates, charging, sending it back for service and relying on GPS (Dainese) was a detractor for me. I did like the robust protection of the Tech air 5, and was very close to purchasing it... I slept on it, and I was still firm on not wanting to purchase two different systems for street and track. I was narrowing it down to Hit-Air MLVC and Helite Turtle 2 or GP. First, I contacted Hit-Air and they answered all my questions about sizing, but they are limited stock and back ordered. Second, I contacted Helite. I thought they are still in Emeryville and asked if I can come by and try out the vests. Patrick from Helite quickly answered all my questions and informed me that they are now located in Reno. After looking at the differences of Helite vs. Hit Air, I liked the style of Helite and it comes with the back protector. Shipping was via Fed Ex and super quick, I think it got to my place in Walnut Creek in 1 day. Ordered it Monday morning and it got to me by Tuesday morning. Install was super easy, tethered it around the frame under my seat and went for a ride. Sizing is spot on, I'm 5'8" tall 165 lbs, and 40" chest and went with the medium. During my 1 hour ride I took it for a quick loop around town and freeways. No flapping of the vest, I don't even notice that it is on me. I do have to get used to clipping it on and off, but that will become second nature pretty quick, just like putting on your helmet. Looking forward to using it on track this coming spring. We shall see if tether gets in the way of body positioning. Also, how the ventilation goes, but not really worried about the heat. I'd rather sweat than not be protected
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Name: Ed
I picked a Helite adventure jacket last Nov and Iím happy with that too. A little pricey but I needed a new jacket anyway and was attracted to the all inclusive concept. I must have been the last in-store customer while they were still in Emeryville, I really wanted to try it on without having to guess and possibly returning the jacket which is a hassle. Patrick was great, very patient with me.
I also considered Hit Air and actually like their styling a lot more than Helite but because of Covid they were having problems.
The alpinestars and Dainese vests are good but donít provide the same neck support that the Helite does.
My only complaint is that the jacket is hot and I think above 80 degrees Iím going to have a problem.
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