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Masamoto Honyaki Yanagibe part 3

Are Honyaki knives and Japanese sword (katana) blade are made in the same way?

All mono-steel construction knives are honyaki?

How do they make "harder at edge, softer at spine" blade?

At first, I was going to talk about ...

1) If there's any, real world advantage of honyaki knives over awase / kasumi construction
( Are they really for "user knife for real kitchen work, or just a status symbol / decoration piece?)

Are they really worth the extra cost?
(The "real" honyaki knives that are made by reputable company cost at least $800 - 900, and the price keeps going up, as the older generation of blade smiths are retiring.)

... but I couldn't make them fit in 5-6 minutes time frame I was aiming.
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